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Hillcrest Inspection reveals HIGH MOISTURE

During a recent building and pest Inspection performed by Rightway Inspections, high moisture below the taps in the shower was identified. High moisture can be the result of many things but the most costly is a leak to the plumbing. Without a pre-purchase building inspection, it is only when severe damage has been caused will you be able to identify something is wrong.

Moving into your new home and finding high moisture to walls, rotted timbers and even termites is the last thing you want to deal with.¬†Invest with confidence. Don’t buy issues.

We inspect Hillcrest and surrounding suburbs of Adelaide.


Woodcroft, Adelaide – Termites to flooring!

Termite were found on a pre purchase building inspection in Woodcroft. The first instance was detected in a tree stump to the rear yard. Upon further inspection, large amounts of damage were found to the floor framing inside the house . Approximately $2500.00 of damage. Active coptotermes were identified, these are the species that cause the most damage in South Australia.

Inspect before your buy.

Termite affected flooring

An example of the damage termites can cause to flooring.

Elder Court, Paralowie – Termites Detected!

A recent inspection to a home in Paralowie revealed termite damage to the internal walls as well as the roof framing. The first sign that was something may have been wrong was the termite workings located in the nearby trees surrounding the home. Just as well this client opted to have a combined building and pest inspection which covers all potentials. Part of the pest inspection is to “knock test” walls when they are brick veneer. This can reveal termite workings inside the wall as you can hear “mud” falling off the framing.

As we entered the roof, we also detected termite damage to ceiling joists saving the client potentially thousands!

Having an inspection prior to purchase should be part of the buying process.